„CRAZY“ goes to America!

The full report of our trip to Houston and all our great experiences!

Please excuse my English, I´m working on it.

„Out of more than 1,400 short international film and video productions, your entry "CRAZY" has been nominated for screening at the 41st Annual WorldFest-Houston … The festival that first honored Spielberg, Lucas, Lynch, Ang Lee, Ridley Scott, The Coen Brothers, and many others for their Short Films“

 That was 5 months ago, Russ & I agreed from the first moment – We have to go there! And thanks to Russ and his tireless efforts with fundraising I was able to go.

A big Thank You to everyone, who supported me – it was definitely worth it. It´s you who made this possible.

The 9 days in America (It was my 1st time in USA) were simply great.

The International Worldfest Houston is one of the oldest festivals in the world and shows over 80 shorts and features in 9 days, including workshops, partys and get-togethers.

Lots of filmmakers and filmfanatics coming from all different corners of the world were there for Worldfest. We got to know a whole range of different people - directors, producers, actors, cinematographers and camera operators, screenwriters, film editors, film musicians – people from all areas of the industry!

Originally “CRAZY” was supposed to screen once, but in the end, luckily, our film was shown 3-times during the festival – and we got lots of positive feedback and response to the film. The viewers especially liked the Film Noir-like lighting and how we packed such a story in only 4 minutes. Overall the reaction was very positive and engaging.

One day we decided to have a real Texan steak. It turned out to be a very funny experience, one of the waitresses came up to me “Hey, I know you from somewhere, from TV or so?” – I didn´t really know what she was talking about and was rather confused, until crazy Italian filmmaker Federico Mutti told her I was the leadsinger of a boyband. The result: Eventually the entire restaurant thought I was some famous boyband member. I still don´t know who I look alike?

Russ and I were a little nervous about the awards on the last Saturday, so we decided to go to a psychic a couple of hours before the Grand Awards Banquet in the Renaissance Hotel.

Just as she predicted we won the Gold Remington Award for “dramatic short”! Fraught with excitement we partied all night; the next day we had to leave Houston, not wistful but rather happy, that all of this happened.

Meeting new people every day, exchanging ideas, discussing films, talking with directors about their work and perspectives gave me totally new insights and impressions in the world of filmmaking.

Even though many films were shown back-to-back we managed to see a lot - from experimental to big-budget features and inspirational shorts.

Inspirational – a good word to describe our trip and to end this little report from America and all the great experiences we had.

On behalf of Russ and myself I would like to thank you all for your unwavering support – a special thanks to the “Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst” for their contribution!

Please stay tuned to www.luckysago.de! For more information about our new project “STANDBY – An Icecold Goldfishromance” and further projects that are in the pipeline.



41st WorldFest-Houston